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While initially IBM events, from now on these will be general research community events, owing to the explosion of interest in this emerging topic we have observed. This summer’s event is also being organized in collaboration with leaders of the NeSy annual meeting.

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A new era of AI is rapidly emerging: neuro-symbolic AI combines knowledge-driven, symbolic AI with data-driven machine learning approaches. We invite graduate students, AI practitioners, and anyone interested in this emerging field to participate in the Neuro-Symbolic AI Summer School 2023, which will be held on August 29-30 as a virtual event.

This event is a follow-on to the 1st summer school on the topic we held in August 2022. We also organize an annual workshop on the topic in January of each year. These events showcase the breadth and depth of the work being done in this field. Participation in the previous events is not a prerequisite for attending the upcoming workshop. All the talks in the workshop are meant to be self-contained. To access the previous events agenda page and recordings, visit:

What is Neuro-Symbolic AI? Compared to pure neural approaches, our key goals for a neuro-symbolic AI system include:

  1. Learning with less and zero-shot learning; we hypothesize this can be aided by symbolic human knowledge.
  2. Generalization of the solutions to unseen tasks and unforeseen data distributions; we hypothesize this can be aided by reasoning.
  3. Explainability by construction; we hypothesize this can be aided by human-readable knowledge and step-by-step explanation of the reasoning process.

The summer school will include invited talks, panels, and tutorials in various areas of theory and the application of neuro-symbolic AI. We feel lucky to have two Turing award winners with us as distinguished invited speakers this year.

This is a virtual only event and the registration for the event is free. The registered participants will get access to the recording of all sessions after the event.